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80V Backpack Blower

  • Featuring:
  • 165 MPH Air Speed
  • Powerful, Smart Brushless Motor
  • Axial Jet Fan Design
  • Dual Battery With Auto Switch
  • Variable Speed with Cruise Control
  • 690 CFM Turbo
  • Comfort Grip With Turbo Button
  • Removeable Tube Extensions
  • Cross-Platform Battery System

As Low As


E-Series 80V Brushless Dual Port Backpack Blower Features
E-Series 80V Brushless Dual Port Backpack Blower

80V Brushless Dual Port Backpack Blower


(1) 5.0 Ah Battery
Max Wh
4 A Charger
Run Time
Up to 25 Minutes
Charge Time
75 Minutes
Model #
4 Years
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Enjoy the Work

Enjoy the Work

The E-Series Backpack Blower features a compact and lightweight design that puts you in control for more comfort and less fatigue. You can get maximum power from the ultra-quiet motor because less weight and noise make yard work a breeze.

You're in Control

You're in Control

Cruise through the job with a variable speed trigger that reaches an air speed of up to 165 MPH. Once you pick your speed, lock it in with the cruise control that provides consistent airflow when it's needed most.

Built for a Lifetime of Work

Built for a Lifetime of Work

Our advanced brushless motor technology delivers major torque to give you the power you need to complete any task. This blower is built for long-lasting performance with virtually no maintenance required.

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Get the Bad Boy E-Series 80V Brushless Dual Port Backpack Blower at a dealer near you or online, including financing options.

Learn More About The Bad Boy 80V Brushless Backpack Blower
The Powerful Battery System

The E-Series Backpack Blower uses Bad Boy's universal 80-volt battery system. That means every Bad Boy battery is interchangeable and can power any piece of E-Series equipment. Our 80V batteries offer more torque, more performance and most importantly, longer-lasting run time. The E-Series Backpack Blower comes with a 5.0 Ah battery that delivers up to 25 minutes of run time. (A higher Ah number basically means the battery will last longer before it has to be recharged.) Plus, the Backpack Blower has a second battery port, so you can add another battery and double your run time. Just pop it in, and use the battery capacity indicator (BCI) button to see how much power you have left.

The Powerful Battery System
Long-Lasting Comfort

If you're looking for an electric option to get the job done, look no further than the Bad Boy E-Series Backpack Blower. This comfortable and compact backpack is both lightweight and ultra-quiet, making yard work feel like a breeze. It's built to reduce fatigue, and comes with removable tube extensions. Plus it features a smooth, variable speed trigger with a cruise control option. So once you pick your perfect air speed, you can lock it and maintain it as long as you need. Want more power? Use the turbo button for an extra boost of air.

Long-Lasting Comfort
Axial Jet Fan Design

Bad Boy's E-Series Backpack Blower features an advanced axial jet fan design that moves more air. Powered by our 80V brushless motor, this Bad Boy can deliver air speeds up to 165 MPH. And the motor is engineered with magnets, not brushes, so it won't wear out over time. Together, these features end up producing more power, provide longer run time and have a longer overall life. If you want a powerful electric backpack blower, look no further than the Bad Boy E-Series. It's powered by attitude.

Axial Jet Fan Design
Extended Performance

The Bad Boy E-Series 80V Brushless Backpack Blower offers the clean, simple convenience of electric power with virtually no maintenance. It's easy to use and simple to start. The advanced 80V motor delivers maximum power with minimal noise. And just like any Bad Boy, it's built for longer-lasting performance, so grass, leaves and debris don't stand a chance. If you're searching for an efficient, electric backpack blower that gives you more torque and more features, the Bad Boy E-Series blows the competition away.

Extended Performance
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