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80V Pole Saw

  • Featuring:
  • 10" Bar And Chain
  • Powerful, Smart Brushless Motor
  • 8' 3 Piece Aluminum Shaft
  • Push Button Start
  • Automatic Oiler with Fill Indicator
  • Extends up to 11′
  • Manual Chain Tensioner
  • Cross-Platform Battery System

As Low As


E-Series 80-Volt Brushless Pole Saw Features
E-Series 80-Volt Brushless Pole Saw

80V Brushless 10” Pole Saw


(1) 2Ah Battery (288Wh)
Max Wh
2 A Charger
Run Time
Up to 83 Cuts
Charge Time
60 Minutes
Model #
4 Years
Download Manual
Go Higher

Go Higher

The 10” Pole Saw is a safe and easy way to trim high branches and limbs without the use of a ladder. It's ultra-lightweight and includes additional 3-foot extension pole for a maximum reach of 11 feet.

Commercial Grade Cut

Commercial Grade Cut

The brushless motor delivers more torque for a professional cutting experience. It features quiet operation, longer runtimes, and more power with an impressive 80V battery.

Long Lasting Performance

Long Lasting Performance

The automatic oiler extends the life of your 1/4" chain and features a translucent oil tank for a clear view of oil level. This tool is built tough, so it can take on anything that comes its way.

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Get the Bad Boy E-Series 80V Brushless 10” Pole Saw at a dealer near you or online, including financing options.

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80V Get More Done

The Bad Boy E-Series 80V Pole Saw gives you the clean-running electric convenience, plus upgraded power and torque, all in one package. The 80V battery means you can cut longer. The lightweight design 3-piece extendable shaft allows you to cut higher. Our innovative brushless motor and 10” bar and chain lets you cut stronger. You want a push button start? You got it. How about an automatic oiler with a fill indicator that helps extends the life of your chain? It has that too. This Bad Boy has everything you need to trim high branches and limbs more efficiently. The E-Series 80V Pole Saw. Saw with an attitude.

80V Get More Done
Brushless Technology In Your Hands

Bad Boy's E-Series Pole Saw features an innovative brushless motor. This motor is engineered with magnets, not brushes that can wear out over time. That's why brushless motors end up producing more power, provide longer run time and have a longer overall life. Brushed motors also generate heat, making them less efficient. Our brushless design means you'll get more power, more torque and can make more cuts the next time you have a job to do. Bad Boy's E-Series is electric efficiency at its finest.

Brushless Technology In Your Hands
Bad Boy's Universal Batteries

The E-Series Pole Saw features Bad Boy's universal 80-volt battery system. Our 80V batteries offer more torque, more performance and most importantly, longer-lasting run time. Plus, every Bad Boy battery is interchangeable and can power any piece of E-Series equipment. For example, the Pole Saw comes with a 2.0 Ah battery that delivers up to 83 cuts when fully charged. While the E-Series Chainsaw comes with a 4.0 Ah battery that can give you up to 140 cuts. A higher “Ah” number does not mean the battery is more powerful, it simply means the battery will run longer before it has to be recharged. And you can use the battery capacity indicator (BCI) button to see how much power you have left. Pop either one into your pole saw and you're ready to start cutting.

Bad Boy's Universal Batteries
The 3-Piece Shaft

The Bad Boy E-Series Pole Saw is equipped with an ultra-lightweight 8' aluminum shaft. Add the 3' extension and increase your reach to 11', without using a ladder. It makes trimming high branches and limbs safer and easier than ever before. This is the electric tool that can take you to new heights and deliver a commercial-grade cut. If you have trees, the E-Series Pole Saw is the tool you need.

The 3-Piece Shaft
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